Steve Roach – Tomorrow

Steve Roach - Tomorrow

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Steve Roach – Tomorrow
CD/LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2020

Drawing from a vast, unique and deeply personal authenticity, Steve’s works are and always have been fueled by the momentum of a lifetime dedicated to (what he refers to as) The Soundcurrent. “Tomorrow” offers equal parts serene floating space music, as well as kinetic movement and minimalist sequencer-based forms that breathe life and energy.

The lengthy outcome sees Mr Roach prolongue his “elegant futurism style” where cyclical melodic weavings flow and ebb in a graceful momentum infused with deep emotion. The minimalist framework, current and pulse is profound on the opening title track and “Optimal Being” (although the sequencers on both have a clinical “vibe” as well) before shifting to the lush, textural soundscape expanse of “HeartBreath” with its vivid pulses and choral hints. Things ease down further as we ride the textural waves and gentle sequence making up the 7-minute outing “Spiral of Strength”. “A Different Today”, where a sense od hope shines through, sets off with rapid but overall gentle strings of sequences dressed with smooth pads on top.

Overlooking the whole recording I feel the second half of “Tomorrow” is the most satisfying.



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