Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana – Spirit Dome / Live Archive

Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana - Spirit Dome / Live Archive

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Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana – Spirit Dome / Live Archive
CD, Projekt, 2009

This value-priced double album is a re-release of two recordings which have been unavailable for quite a while.

“Live Archive” was originally released in 2000 on Groove Unlimited. Steve and vidna were together on tour in 1997, doing a whole series of concerts in the USA, Italy and the Netherlands.
The cd offers eight expansive ambient tracks which reflect the “peak performance moments” (as the musicians like to call it) in a great way. Their mystifying collaboration resulted in intimate live-experiences which have been beautiflly captured on this recording: ultimate tribal-underground magic performed live on stage.
It culminates in perfect chill-out for all those who visited their engaging concerts and who love to experience these events again.

“Spirit Dome” (originally released on Project Records in 2004) was created live, a few days before the duo would perform at Projektfest 2002. It’s another chapter into the deep and vast soundworlds that Steve and vidna started to explore many years ago.
Foremost, it’s a continuation of their work on their previous album “Innerzone”, which (as the press-release stated) served as the doorway to the surreal environment presented here. Recorded live in the moment on a sanctuary place in May 2002 in Philadelphia, this cd was born out of spontaneous creation as both musician were surrounded and inspired by a gothic ambience.
Within 74 minutes, we glide through various phases and dense textures, sometimes with strange, almost eerie undercurrents of prepared e-guitar. Subtle loops and hypnotizing, mysterious soundworlds pull you even deeper while only faint glimpses of light pass by.
This is a dark sanctuary of slow evolving soundworlds with organic elements, overtone flute, pulsating beats and slight tribal percussion on the background, painting pictures of a possible underworld.


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