Steve Smith & The Tylas Cyndrome – Pools of Diversity

Steve Smith & The Tylas Cyndrome - Pools of Diversity

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Steve Smith & The Tylas Cyndrome – Pools of Diversity
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2013

This trio gave a very nice act-de-presence at E-Live 2013, being part of the ViTaL concert (ViTaL is VoLt including Tylas Cyndrome and Lamp), which als marked the release of the band’s second album “Pools of Diversity”.

The accessible 62-minute outcome presents some catchy sequencers lines and melodic lines melted with powerful, quite rocking e-guitar and drums, at times also featuring some stylish progressive elements. But it’s also nice to hear Alan Ford perform some moody acoustic guitar work on the quieter “Orbit” or to hear the trio dwell in more reflective, classical-oriented spaces in the first part of “Requiem” (to which the violin adds an almost folky element). The glowing second part of this piece turns out more symphonic/rhythmic, reminding of the second cd of Char-El’s “Heaven and Earth”.

After quite an experimental opening, “Interstellar Highway” turns into a groovy, evocative outing, while “Trilian Suns” is a jolly melodic piece of work. The cracker of the album though is the final track “The Main Event”, where all vibrant elements of the band’s sonic alchemy come together perfectly.
Fans of the band’s first album will love “Pools of Diversity” for sure.



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