Steve Thomas – More People have been to the Moon

Steve Thomas - More People have been to the Moon

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Steve Thomas – More People have been to the Moon
CD, Heliotrinox Records, 1997

I recently rediscovered this peculiar album in my cd-collection, which made me decided to give it a few good listens again and a review after all.
Back in 1997, the Wales-based professional British cave diver Steve Thomas (who has worked with ex-Tangerine Dreamer Steve Jolliffe among others) released the world’s only cave diving cd “More People have been to the Moon”.

The fully instrumental album is a sonic exploration of the inner space, accompanied by various sounds recorded in caves and during diving.
The moody and open sounding outcome is not a quiet sanctuary, but overall sequencer-driven and varied, with mod-tempo rhythms and bass grooves underneath

Especially tracks like “Space Haze” and “Connections” have this catchy element with a dance-like feel that will appeal to a general audience.
“Michaela” sounds far more relaxed and moody, after which “Mellow Pebbles” pushed things to the brim of chill-out music before the free form ambience of “Ether Black” ventures briefly into mysterious depths.

Fans of Tangerine Dream’s ’90-music should keep an eye on / have a listen to this one.



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