Steven Grace – Cobalt Blue

Steven Grace - Cobalt Blue

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Steven Grace – Cobalt Blue
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2010

The 62-minute “Cobalt Blue” is an album fully composed with only one piece of gear: Leslie Sanford’s Cobalt synthesizer. The composer of it is Steven Grace, also known as the musician behind the retro-oriented project Logic Gate.

The freeform music on “Cobalt Blue” focusses on quiet and moody textures and sometimes reminds a bit of Patrick O’Hearn. It creates an unhurried sonic canvas of emotional spherescapes and uncomplicated melodic sketches almost acting like a quiet observation upon things.
Just have a listen to e.g. “Step by Step”, “Earthbound” or “Sundial” and enjoy its effective, simple, always comfortable beauty.

All together, “Cobalt Blue”, makes nice and moody background music and is very suitable to give your mind a rest.



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