Steven Grace – Flow

Steven Grace - Flow

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Steven Grace – Flow
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2011

Steve Grace’s release “Flow” is an ambient album made with the Avatar ST software synthesizer only. Mr Grace recorded it during four sessions in March 2011 mostly through improvisation, with some editing afterward.

Contrary to his output under the Logic Gate moniker, the music made using his own name has a thorough ambient soundscape approach. The soft shimmering outcome on the 40-minute “Flow” is no exception to that: it’s a world of smooth whirling pads and textures divided over 12 tracks creating its own sense of transparent, open and fluid spaces.
Here, things are overall calm and subdued, but there’s enough happening in the nicely layered sound spectrum to keep the listeners attention.

The recording is available for free download in Flac and mp3.



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