Stockman – Future Science

Stockman - Future Science

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Stockman – Future Science
CD-R, SynGate, 2007

Stockman is actually the Belgium musician Godfried Stockmans, who’s third album “Future Science” is a concept album about the wonders of science.

It begins with the 11-minute, two-part “Electricity”, which overall hypnotic sound is bit repetitive to my ears. Fortunately, things improve from the second track on, as the listener steps into the imaginary world of technology in which various elements pass by.

Mr Stockman applied long stretched textures, almost robotic-like rhythms, and haunting, sometimes rather disturbing sounding atmospheres to describe this world of wonder. The fifth track “O K” for example sounds as an eerie trip into nothingness.

Various styles are implemented in this rather unusual ambient sound factory, in which a touch of dance rhythms can also be noticed.
Just check out some soundbites to make up your mind about this well produced “technological” music.



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