Stu Jenks – The Three Surrenders (Soundtracks for Photographs)

Stu Jenks - The Three Surrenders (Soundtracks for Photographs)

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Stu Jenks – The Three Surrenders (Soundtracks for Photographs)
CD, Fizziweg Music, 2003/2010

“The Three Surrenders” (Soundtracks for Photographs, Volume One) is the debut album of Tucson-based photographer Stu Jenks, who composed the music as a sonic backdrop for his 2002 photographic installation at Tucson’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

About his visual work he says: “I learn a little more about the space I’m in, both emotionally internal to my experiences, and physically external to my environment. My images are often, as much about an exploration of my spiritual reality, as they are about an appreciation of form, space, place and design. And sometimes they are just about being playful and magical.”

And that’s what his imaginary ambient music is all about: mirroring and where possible, even expanding the emotions, mood and overall impact of his impressive photographic work, in which space and time seem to dissolve.

Stu’s free form music is able to open new pathways and transport the listener into spacious, almost breathing realms beyond. My personal highlights here are the smooth soundscapes gently carrying along on the 12-minute “Along the Tigris” and the airy “Requiem for Red Ridge” (which is almost silent music). Once you step into its magical time capsule and let it work it’s own ingenious and mysterious ways upon you, there no more escaping.

All in all, Stu’s circular motives on “The Three Surrenders”, which should be played at a low volume, are a treat for the ears.
It’s a pity the original physical cd has been sold out for years, but luckily the music can still be purchased through ITunes or Amazon.



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