Subclavian – I

Subclavian - I

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Subclavian – I
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2024

The start of March brought a nice surprise as I read about Subclavian, which appears to be the alter-ego of Phobos, aka UK synthesist David Thompson, kicking off an entirely new project. For quite a while, Mr Thompson felt an urge to create some melodic sequencer music and as it didn’t fit in with his Phobos project he needed an additional project, hence Subclavian. For your information, the name Subclavian comes from the left and right Subclavian arteries which are just below our clavicles. In addition, the composer has deliberately not chosen titles for the pieces, preferring just to use numbers instead with the intention that it is just music to listen to, without any preconceived ideas that a title may give to the listener.

“I” contains three lengthy pieces of 26, 17, and 20 minutes respectively that all marry melody and sequences in a pleasant, emotive, and highly accessible manner while they paint lush, broadening vistas before the mind’s eye. I for one am intrigued by the second piece, its structure, slow pace, and resonating sounds reminding slightly of Schulze’s end of 70’s work and especially “Mirage”. The melodic solo voice becomes upfront in the final section of this track, although a bit too much to my liking.

Further Subclavian releases, if there will be any, will follow numerical too.





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