Subdream – A Tale of Distant Stars

Subdream - A Tale of Distant Stars

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Subdream – A Tale of Distant Stars
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Exophere Music, 2022

I´ve been following Chris Bryant´s Synphaera label and its sub-labels for years now which has proven a fine outlet for some quality electronic music. One of them is German musician Subdream  (also joining Mr. Bryant’s Ambient Online community) who composes in various Em genres, the majority being downtempo but also into ambient territory with psybient elements.

“A Tale of Distant Stars” though is a different breed as it deals with space ambient music. The composer actually didn’t plan to make another album in 2022. In hindsight it almost came about by itself -after the first track he obviously got the hang of it and just kept going until the penultimate track. After that, he felt done, so for that reason the last track turned out a tad different. The order on the album is exactly the one it was all created, all within some two months, so no surprise he didn’t look at the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) after finishing up for quite a while.

The result is also surprising as the composer rarely has a concept or direction when making music. usually aiming for one style but soon drifting elsewhere. The spacious, nicely resonating outcome on “A Tale of Distant Stars” has turned out consistent, highly atmospheric, and (above all) most relaxing. The 10-minute “Delta Draconis” impresses me especially.  In all, this is well-made contemporary cosmic music of an -almost- freeform nature displaying lovely colours in bright 24bit – 44.1 kHz quality to paint your own images to.  Well done, Michael!


Website: exopheremusic.bandcamp,com



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