Suspended Memories – Earth Island

Suspended Memories - Earth Island

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Suspended Memories – Earth Island
CD, Hearts of Space/Fathom, 1994

“Earth Island” is the second and also last release by the trio Roach,Reyes and Saiz, which sonically complements its predecessor with another 50 minutes of dreamy and overall mystical ambient that oncemore carries Prehispanic and Mexican shamanic influences.

The eight tracks making up the release were recorded between concert dates in Spain and Germany, and offer a more complex nature and layered sound due to the studio conditions. Ethnic instruments, processed guitar and drifting electronic soundscapes create a vast, deep tribal landscape with gentle resonating earthy vibes stirring and transforming the elements from beginning til the end.

The roaring and magic touch of a somorphous netherworld is always near. Here, all things are in constant transition, spreading a smooth and hypnotizing sonic perfume as it gradually unfolds its fascinating splendor. All in all, “Earth Island” is another chapter of intense and mind-altering ambient magic which keeps triggering the mind.

P.S “Earth Island” was also winner of the NAIRD Independent Release in 1993.



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