Suspended Memories – Forgotten Gods

Suspended Memories - Forgotten Gods


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Suspended Memories – Forgotten Gods
CD, Hearts of Space, 1992/1993

For this release we have to travel back in time, to 1993 to be precise. Suspended Memories is a tribal ambient/shaman music project by Steve Roach, Jorge Reyes und Suso Saiz. Its seed was planted in the days when the three musicians met each other during a grand outdoor ambient festival on Lanzarote Island in 1991, where also Mathias Grassow played a set.

“Forgotten Gods” is a sonic quest, (and according to label-owner Stephen Hill) it digs up the roots of his cultural inheritance, seeks the shadowed origins of the musical experience on the path to discovering a valid ritual music for today. Although synthesizers were used during the creation of the album, it’s the powerful fusion with an assortment of acoustic and ancient instruments and Mr Saiz’s processed guitars that form the very heart of the trance-inducing, highly spiritual outcome.

Listening to this 63-minute electro-acoustic and organic release is a ritual awakening, an mind-altering experience and a great way to immerse in a primordial pool of intense sound sculptures and energetic rhythms.
“Forgotten Gods” still is a most compelling achievement and classic in its own right.



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