Suzanne Ciani – The Velocity of Love

Suzanne Ciani - The Velocity of Love

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Suzanne Ciani – The Velocity of Love
LP/MC/CD, RCA/Private Music/Seventh Wave, 1986

Created during the formative years of adult contemporary instrumental music, Ciani’s second release “The Velocity Of Love” is a example of gentle melodic and classical arrangements among new age flavors, all paired with a feminine approach.

Like the outcome on her debut, Suzanne considered the compositions “waves” at that time as she was mystically bonded to the sea which she considers a very feminine and powerful force. The record company though made her chose names for each of the five pieces, of which the title piece became a radio hit in the mid ‘80’s. In addition, no other than Vangelis added tracks to three of the album’s compositions playing the Yamaha CS-80.
All in all, the heartfelt, pure electronic release features five emotive compositions in which Ciani’s classical roots shine through.



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