Sverre Knut Johansen – Earth From Above

Sverre Knut Johansen - Earth From Above

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Sverre Knut Johansen – Earth From Above
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2016

With “Earth From Above”, Scandinavian musician Sverre Knut Johansen takes his listeners on a continuous trip up above, which in many aspects seems to follow in the aural footsteps of Erik Wøllo.

Like the latter, Sverre’s aerial and lush sonic vistas also feature e-guitar licks and address both the atmospheric and the melodic/minimal-rhythmic as the journey unfolds in 12 interconnected tracks. It can be me though, but the very contemporary outcome and symphonic rendered soundscapes also sound rather clean and distant to my ears, emotionally connecting less than I had hoped for despite the soaring sound at various places. This shows especially on the bland and static/robotic “Connecting Landscapes”.

Although not bad, I simply miss too much depth and dimension to call “Earth From Above” an evocative and convincing effort.


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