Sylken – Dreamlife

Sylken - Dreamlife

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Sylken – Dreamlife
CD-R, Private Release, 2004

“Dreamlife” is the fourth album composed by Sylken, aka Eric Hopper, assisted by a few fellow musicians, therefor The Sylken Ensemble.

“Night Wings” (composed with Alpha Wave Movement) kicks off beautifully, offering “sylkie” space textures, which also show up on “In Astral Flight”.
The third track (which Hopper easily calls his favourite piece of the album) features some trumpet by Wally Jericho, but this doesn’t work for me at all as things get into jazzy territory.

Hopper’s style of ambient music is a bit hard to depict, ranging from dreamy to more down to earth stuff. For this purpose he uses quite some loops, treatments and guitar (“Here and Now”).
Towards the end, the music gets more intimate and more reflective, best expressed in “Memories to Come”.

In the end, I think every ambient fan will find a few picks to his or her liking.


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