Sylvain Carel – Caravansaray

Sylvain Carel - Caravansaray

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Sylvain Carel – Caravansaray

Melodic, cinematic and symphonic music with strong ethnic/oriental spheres, samples and vocal textures. These are the ingredients found in the detailed and transparent sounding music of Sylvain Carel’s “Caravansary”, an accomplished and skilled French composer.

“Caravansary” is a evocative instrumental songbook containing 22 short tracks blending an assortment of contemporary electronics and varied world percussion, occasionally accompanied by electric guitar. The 60-minute melodic-oriented outcome with a romantic undercurrent has a fresh, bright, upfront sound, ranging from smooth sphere paintings like “Rani Dreams” or “Aurora” to more uptempo excursions such as the Jarre-ish “Now and Tomorrow” or the rock-flavoured “Secrets of the Caravan”.

Overall, the emotive and rich sounding “Caravansary” blends a kaleidoscope of fine-crafted orchestral tapestries easily with the mourning sound of the duduk, heavenly synth pads or the sparkling keys of a piano. It all makes up an exciting and highly imaginative journey into ethnic soundworlds, although the album’s final track “Return to Kashmir” is an excessive and weak effort.



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