Symatic Star – The Distance

Symatic Star - The Distance

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Symatic Star – The Distance
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2011

“The Distance” is the debut release of musician/composer Simon Walsh, aka Symatic Star, who hails from South Western Australia.
The album contains two lengthy soundscape ambient pieces of 38 and 30 minutes each, both recorded live during and after the 2011 Summer Solstice online concert June 18, 2011. They transport the ambient music fan to strange worlds beyond, as it gradually delves into ethereal deep space along the ride.

The music features slow morphing, free floating and droning textures with a profound outerworldly and mysterious feel. It even makes the outcome sound like a living, breathing creature. Mind though there are also occasional abstract and experimental/noisy elements implemented in the longform sonic excursions. The latter especially applies to the last part of the first piece.

All in all, “The Distance” is a securely crafted deep ambient/space journey through the heliosphere and beyond, only suitable for more experienced listeners.
The release is available as free mp3 and flac download from the Ethereal Live netlabel.



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