Syn – Fauni-Genus

Syn - Fauni-Genus

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Syn – Fauni-Genus
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2017

What I got here is a mini-album/Ep by David T. Dewdney aka Syn delivering another very moody and at times dreamy tribute to the classic Berlin School sound of the ‘70’s, most notably the atmospheric work by Tangerine Dream or Edgar Froese solo back then.

Some tasty Farfisa organ along lots of mellotron textures/strings/flutes and EMS synth are at play on “Fauni-Genus”, emotive freeform electronics riding the cosmic edge while incorporating the water element sophisticatedly along the side, most notably on “part II”. A gentle evolving, nostalgic and pleasant sounding ride I’d say.

In July 2018, David released a download version of the 30-minute release featuring new mixes of the three parts.


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