Synaesthesia – Embody

Synaesthesia - Embody

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Synaesthesia – Embody
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Cleopatra Records/Zoth Ommog, 1995

“Embody” is the debut-album of the Canadian project Synaesthesia (aka Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber) introducing ethno-rhythmic-driven ambient featuring lots of (world music) samples and weird klangspielerei, all executed and molded into an almost 60-minute eclectic form.

The duo’s darker-shaded sci-fi/cinematic electronics contain groovy bass notes and occasional dance-like moments (“Alien Intruder”)along occasional psychedelic flavored sensabilities. The more atmospheric-oriented “New Horizons” holds moody ethereal spherics and a more focused and cohesive style that would characterize their album “Ephemeral”, while Kraftwerkian sample-rhythms give way on the sixth piece “Submerged”.

Overall, the dense string of textures and sounds along the rather unusual sonic approach encountered on the all-instrumental “Embody” doesn’t gel easily, but will improve after a couple of more focused listens.

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