Sync24 – Ambient Archive [1996-2002]

Sync24 - Ambient Archive [1996-2002]

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Sync24 – Ambient Archive [1996-2002]
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Leftfield Records, 2012

“Ambient Archive” is a backlog compilation by Daniel Segerstad, aka Sync24, containing unreleased tracks from 1996-2002. It showcases the early, rather raw and unpolished sketches that later on would lead to more mature, deepened and carefully moulded ambiences on his solo-albums.
There’s also a rim of experimentation noticeable in certain pieces. For me, the most pleasant detail of the overall tranquil sound paintings with subtle melodic lines is the sense of space found between the notes.

The opening track “Silence” or the concise “Spoon” are good examples of this. But Daniel also presents some more rhythmic-oriented pieces on this release such as the “Quad”, “Nevermind” and “Return”. These all have a certain minimal touch, though the flat rhythms are the weakest part. The airy, atmospheric soundscapes of “M42” or are more up my alley, while the first groovy up-tempo movements surface on “IISO”.

I think this is one for the collectors of Sync24 only.


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