Sync24 – Comfortable Void

Sync24 - Comfortable Void

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Sync24 – Comfortable Void
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Ultimae Records, 2012

“Comfortable Void” is the second solo-release by Swedish musician Daniel Segerstad, also one half of the project Carbon Based Lifeforms. Back in 2007, he released his critically acclaimed debut “Source”, that already revealed a much more introspective side of his musicianship.

This follow-up contains a continuous mix of 10 tracks with occasional minimal flavours, in which melodies and tunes plays a minor part. It takes the next step in contemporary deep chill electronica, merging mesmerizing bass lines, deep dronescapes and hypnotizing rhythmic patterns with lush atmospheric pads.

There’s actually more to this pleasant immersion into a dreamlike, multi-dimensional and at times soothing state, as Mr Segerstad has implemented a range of crispy, organic and active elements in his smooth morphing deep down-tempo journey. On my behalf, Daniel really grabs me in the introspective moments, such as the pure sonic delight displayed on “Sequor”, but the 9-minute live edit of “Wake” is also something most special.
All in all, the 77-minute “Comfortable Void” gently transports the listener into an alternate reality with its acid ambient soundscapes and slow drive onward.


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