Synco – Evolution of Events

Synco - Evolution of Events

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Synco – Evolution of Events
CD, Cue Records, 1991

The Berliner band Synco (short for SYNthesizer COoperation) was founded in 1984 by Frank Klare and Mirko Lüthge. In 1985 Werner Brandt (nickname Chaos) joined them.

“Evolution of Events” is a amazing recording as it contains 70 minutes of well executed highly melodic and rhythmic music. The tasty outcome sounds like a dedication to TD’s ’80 music, somewhat in a similar manner as Can Atilla’s “Ave”, but here the emphasis lies even more on the Berliner School sound.

This especially comes to fruition in the 36-minute title track, where all elements perfectly fit together. It visits all the beautiful corners and spheres what made the TD ’80 sound so special after all these years.

Sure a classic, recommended album. I hope you’re lucky to find a copy as it’s tough to get these days.



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