Syndromeda – A Day in the Fields

Syndromeda - A Day in the Fields

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Syndromeda – A Day in the Fields
CD, SinSyn, 2005

Syndromeda (The Synthesizer Syndrome of Andromeda) is the moniker of Belgium synthesist Danny Budts.

“A Day in the Fields” is a concept album, which was commissioned by the art centre Hof De Bist museum for an exhibition by Lieve Pettens about the Oude Landen. The latter is a nature resort which almost lies in the backyard of the musician.

The cd contains 68 minutes of music, which is rather contemplative and atmospheric, as it describes one day from the dawn til the dusk at this place.
Next to quite piano scapes, there’s also plenty of room for holdback sequencing, accessible synth-pads and some rather sharp sounding solo voices.
Overall, this album is a moody and cinematic experience.



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