Syndromeda – The Twilight Conjunction

Syndromeda - The Twilight Conjunction


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Syndromeda – The Twilight Conjunction
CD, Ricochet Dream, 2009

“The Twilight Conjunction” is the 18th album by Belgian electronic musician Danny Budts, aka Syndromeda, released as a limited edition of 300 copies.

The 18-minute “Inside the Lophophora”, a mature piece of rhythmic space music taking its time to unfold, kicks off nicely with captivating and varied sequencing patterns, effects and lofty, swirling, melodic Schulzian solos.

Another strong effort is “No, not scared of you”, starting out as an atmospheric piece of relaxed, free form soundscapes, to which some delightful heavy sequencer patterns (in Berliner School style), elevating synth pads and solos are added.
“The Vulture” is next, a piece laden with intensive soundscapes, bouncing and cascading sequences plus some occasional solo voices.

Smooth sequencing and happy, lush electronics continue on the 15-minute sonic outing “Looking at you”. The last track “First Dream” opens with engaging choral textures, to which a bit more pronounced synth sounds, a holdback sequencer line and a mesmerizing solo are added.

All in all, the mix of classic electronics and energizing Berlin School elements found on “The Twilight Conjunction” make it Syndromeda’s best album by far.
Nice going, Danny!



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