Syndrone – Being There

Syndrone - Being There


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Syndrone – Being There
CD, Cue Records NL, 1993

It was somewhere in 1992 when André Theelen and Harold Teunissen, aka Syndrone, payed me a visit. In those days, I was write reviews and other articles for KLEM, the Dutch electronic music magazine. They wanted my opinion about their debut album “Outer Reaches”. The cassette contained 59 minutes of well composed music which implemented elements from Brian Eno, Steve Roach and Michael Stearns, but with some very interesting angles and surprises.

I decided to take the tape to Ron Boots, who is running Cue Records NL at that time next to becoming a successful electronic musician himself. Like me, he is struck by the duo’s musical approach and abilities. In July 1993 he invited the duo to his Dreamscape studio in Eindhoven where they record, in three days, all music for their forthcoming cd “Being There”.

The cd appeared in October 1993, containing two reworked tracks from their mc beside five new pieces. In addition to some rhythmic tracks, the band also composed ambient music with nice environmental sounds such as the Parisian subway. The album concludes with the live-in-the-studio recorded 20-minute title track, featuring Ron Boots and Harold van der Heijden on drums.
Due to the impact of their stunning debut, the duo was chosen number 9 on the Top 20 Best Newcomers in 1993 by the German Em-radio show “Schwingungen”.



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