Syndrone – Blind Date

Syndrone - Blind Date


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Syndrone – Blind Date
CD, Cuel Records NL, 1996

After a three year break, the album “Blind Date” was released in fall of 1996. The nine tracks on it were recorded during several jam sessions between 1994 and 1996, some of them one-time-only live recordings capturing the spirit of the moment.

It is again Ron Boots who was in charge of the excellent mastering of the duo’s inventive music. “Blind Date” adds another chapter to the duo’s highly creative world, as it offers a nice blend of overall morphing, resonating soundscapes explored in the longer tracks next to a few shorter, rhythmic excursions.
The soundscape tracks are slowly developing and building, delving deep into mysterious caverns as heard on “Shift Nine part I and II”, which sometimes rides the experimental edge.
“Musscheln und andere Tiere” is the longest track on the album, a textural journey which seems to pay tribute to the ambient works of Steve Roach.
The other side of the duo’s music is heard on the rhythmic, electronic free-style tracks “Skin Job” or the humorous “We saw Elvis at the Busstop”.

Like its predecessor, “Blind Date” is a well-crafted work. It breaths the joy of making electronic music through all its veins, but is a bit more adventurous compared to their previous cd. Harold & André, thank you for bringing me your inspired music which I still enjoy a lot today!



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