Synergy – Computer Experiments Vol. 1

Synergy - Computer Experiments Vol. 1

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Synergy – Computer Experiments Vol. 1
LP/CD, Audion , 1981/1986

The following is taken from the release notes: “Computer Experiments Volume One” is a recording of three different executions of a microcomputer self-composing program. The program, called “Pink Tunes”, was written by John Simonton of PAiA Electronics Inc, and is an application of the stochastic process to electronic music. In simple terms, the computer is given a narrowed field of notes, durations, harmonies and the like from the total spectrum of all possibilities. The composer sets all of the musical ground rules, but then lets the computer combine and “compose” the musical elements in constantly varying ways according to stochastic or controlled randomness structures. The cd reissue is derived from digital transfers taken from the original, unequalized studio mixes made in 1981. These mixes predate the equalized and compressed transfer copies used for lp preparation.

Well, the aforementioned info indicates the listener should prepare for some serious experiments in sound, but the three polyphonic soundscapes utilizing a self-composing computer program are not as abstract and inaccessible as one might think. Larry’s slow moving and innovative digital minimalism creates a clinical futuristic picture frame and otherworldly atmosphere that can hardly be called compelling, although being tranquil and peaceful.

I for one feel this cinematic music for watching giant spaceships gently float through the cosmos.
Mr Fast would remastered and reissued the ambient sound collages in 1998.



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