Synthetic Block – Synthetic Block

Synthetic Block - Synthetic Block

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Synthetic Block – Synthetic Block
CD, Mindspore Records, 1998

What we got here is an interesting debut-cd that shouldn’t be missed by any serious listener of progressive electronic ambient music produced today. American musician Jonathan Block (who seems to have produced several cassettes before this cd came out) is the inventive guy behind the 68 minutes of intruiging music presented here.

Jonathan has discovered a special way of composing, in which he has found a nice balance between space music, intimate ambient soundtextures, elements taken from minimal music, and a small bit out of the famous Berliner School of the 1970s.

Synthetic Block’s overall sound is quite complex, it often builts in a very slow pace, and offers some adventurous sequences that tickle the ear next to great spacious soundscapes and tabla-kindred percussion. In that way, the opening track “Silver Sky” and “The Empire of Lights” (clocking over 19 minutes) are the most impressive takes on the album.

All in all, Synthetic Block is a thorough effort for those hunting for something exciting in the ambient-genre. The album is very well produced and offers a brilliant sound quality.



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