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Release data:  – Time Travel
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2021

With the fine compilation album “Time Travel”, Michel van Osenbruggen offers his audience 12 tracks that appeared on various samplers -most notably those in the Schallwende’s Schallplatte series- through the years as well as a few lost pieces.

For the occasion, all compositions were attentively remixed and remastered. They dwell in the accessible, melodic synth music domain where a gentle touch of classic Jarre shines through occasionally. “Time Travel” gives a nice overview of Michel’s early, still a bit uneven, steps around 2005/2006 (“Synthology”, “Motion”, MoveOn”) to fullblown moody pieces like the cinematic Don Quixote” and “Nachtwacht” next to the atmospheric “Underground” and sensitive “Taurus”. What I like especially about Synth.NL’s music are the great bass lines as well as the keen layering of sounds, solo voices and additional textures.


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