Sysselmann – Ritual Of The Aurora Noir

Sysselmann - Ritual Of The Aurora Noir

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Sysselmann – Ritual of the Aurora Noir
CD-EP, Winter-Light, 2019

Fall and wintertime are appropriate periods to listen, enjoy and immerse into dark ambient music. Well, Winter-Light brings us the dark realms of 32-minute Ep “Ritual Of The Aurora Noir”, Sysselmann’s third release to date (though his debut on the Dutch label).

The haunting and gothic enter the stage immediately on the 10-minute title piece. Here, Sysselmann -aka Norwegian sound arrist Thomas Narverud- paints a stark set of shifting spheres where desolation, cold, foggy and windy conditions characterized by only a few hours of daylight encountered in Artic and northern Scandinavian regions.  The second piece “MS Nordlysnatt” is almost soothing, unfolding with expansive, drifting textures sketching an elevating, almost longing atmosphere. An in-depth sense of calm is present here.



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