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Tacit Blue - Dreamland  


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Tacit Blue – Dreamland
CD/Digital Download, Private Release, 2000

The year 2000 saw the release of “Dreamland” by Tacit Blue, a.k.a. the Missouri-based duo Chris Crabtree and Jim Rogers. They’ve dedicated the band to the exploration of space in all its forms with the aim to discover and capture a moment in a kind of musical impressionism. Their studio techniques include the manipulation of natural sound blended with the manipulation of electronic instruments to synthesize new sonic experiences.

Moreover, Tacit Blue’s dreamy, space-themed music and rather other-worldly ambiences (“The Thread”, “Sand”) takes inspiration from the sound design of German (and more specific Berlin School-esque) electronic music but executed with various innovative twists to create their own atmospheric, imaginative, often darker-flavored aural results. “Red Sprites” e.g. fits quite clearly in the league of the stuff German duo Unique created, “Chimes of Fall” makes a most pleasant introspective outing with its lovely bell sounds and ethereal, lush evolving synth pads, while the exciting “The Running” shows some clear nods of ‘90’s TD.

The “The Dreamland Suite” makes up the last 29 minutes of the 73-minute recording, featuring alchemy of morse codes, radio signals merged contemplative, estranged soundscapes connecting to an alternate reality along a gentle dose of classic TD sequencing found on the final piece “Pool”.  I for one think “Dreamworld” sure is worth checking out.

Website: album.link/us/i/4465926


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