Tangerine Dream – DM 2.1

Tangerine Dream - DM 2.1

Release data:

Tangerine Dream – DM 2.1
CD, Moonpop, 2007

Jerome Froese was responsible for the production of all ten tracks on “DM 2.1”, the first ever compilation of the “Dream Mixes” series.

This part, mine is a special edition with a red cd, contains back catalogue tracks from “Dream Mixes” one and two selected by Jerome, including two previously unreleased tracks.

Well, the album is a very nice one to listen to, as features new mixes of strong songs like “Towards the Evening Star”, “Little Blond…” and “Touchwood” next to some unedited tracks such as “Mobocaster” and “Jungle Jacula”.

The very well produced album ends with “Paranormal Skills”, a new track from 2006, which continues the great and lush feel captured on the former tracks.
I’m already looking forward to the next volume…

Website: www.tangerinedream-music.com

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