Tangerine Dream – Izu

Tangerine Dream - Izu

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Tangerine Dream – Izu
CD, Eastgate, 2010

Despite being old now, Edgar Froese keeps up a steady schedule of releasing studio albums while also going on tour. “Izu” is a double cd which contains the music played live at Pennisula Izu (Japan) on 5th September 2009, Metamorphose ’09 Festival also available on Dvd.

The release features the complete audio recording of the almost two hour concert performed by the band, with Linda Spa (synths, flute, sax), Iris Camaa (drums & percussion) and Bernhard Beible (guitars, violin) accompanying the synthesists Froese and Quaeschning.

At times its an energetic and rocking affair (“One Night in Space”), with occasional South-Eastern flavoured pieces (“Boat to China”, “Lady Monk”) and more moody pieces (“Sally’s Garden”, “Loved by the Sun”).
When things turn more dynamic, there’s a sequencer-driven string of music to which Linda Spa adds a portion of sax and flute next to the accomplished guitarwork of Mr Beibel. Although the band gives an adjusted and modern twist to some older songs, the outcome by far can’t compete with the flair and beauty of its orginals.
Fortunately, the final track “La Joie” has remained its great appeal, an excellent piece of work which brought a big smile on my face.
All in all, fans of modern TD will like this disc, but I imagine the older ones won’t be much pleased by this release.
The whole show is also available on dvd and as digital file download.

Website: www.tangerinedream-music.com

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