Tangerine Dream – Soundmill Navigator

Tangerine Dream - Soundmill Navigator


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Tangerine Dream – Soundmill Navigator
CD, TDI Music, 2000

“Soundmill Navigator”, a Tangerine Dream Classics Edition, contains a vintage live recording from 1976, where the trio Baumann, Froese and Franke performed a concert at the Philharmonics.

The almost 42-minute track finds the musicians in good spirits, as the set features lots of mellotron and antique sound textures, which are later on accompanied by some nice sequencing. Halfway, Edgar’s typical guitar soloing is added as well.
Music wise, the space ambient of “Soundmill Navigator” contains lots of elements and characteristics from their albums “Ricochet” and “Encore”.

It’s such a pity the overall sound quality is so poor. Nevertheless, this archival release is an essential recording for all who love TD’s ’70s music.

Website: www.tangerinedream-music.com

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