Tangerine Dream – Winter in Hiroshima

Tangerine Dream - Winter in Hiroshima

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Tangerine Dream – Winter in Hiroshima
CD, Eastgate, 2009

This cd marks part four in the five atomic seasons, and musically sees a continuation of the Nagasaki/Hiroshima story of Mr. H.T.

Solely composed and played by Edgar, the music fortunately moves back to the period the TD-sound still had Soul (which hasn’t been the case for too many releases appearing in the last 1,5 decade or so).

There’s a nice flow of tension running throughout the 61-minute continuously playing music. The main course on “Winter in Hiroshima” consists of complex electronic textures, ethereal female vocal pads, catchy sequencer patterns and a steady pulse throughout.

All in all, the musically rich and vibrant outcome on “Winter in Hiroshima” occasionally brings recordings back to mind of the ’80 as well as the live-cd “Livemiles”.
This disc certainly lives up expectations for the last part of the series.

Website: www.tangerinedream-music.com

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