Tangram – Flow

Tangram - Flow

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Tangram – Flow
CD-R, Private Release, 2010

“Flow” is a digital album by Péter Fabók, aka Tangram, which was recorded within 24 hours.

The minimalist music of “Flow” has nothing to do with the strong TD-inspired and well-executed music found on Tangram’s album “Tepidarium”. Instead, this album offers a 40-minute string of quiet textural music, split in seven pieces.

The outcome sounds far too uniform to my ears, as I miss a certain amount of depth and emotion in the music to keep my attention and make it interesting.

From the second track on, the slow shifting soundscapes, occasional minimal sequencer lines and slow bass pattern put things briefly in motion, but the music unfortunately remains superficial and its destination unclear.
The slight Berliner School elements in the sixth track don’t change that. The term uninspired best suits the ambience and sounds of “Flow”.

Website: tangram.bandcamp.com


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