Tangram – Tepidarium

Tangram - Tepidarium

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Tangram – Tepidarium
CD-R, Private Release, 2009

Tangram is a Berliner School project started by Hungarian musician Péter Fabók in 2005, who very nicely shows his admiration for the ’80’s style of Tangerine Dream.

The outcome on “Tepidarium” sounds transparent, sparkling and detailed, featuring some catchy, well rendered sequencing, warm and multi-layered synth tapestries and some lofty soloing on top.

This is especially well displayed on the second track “Well Tempered Humidity”, but I absolutely love the quiet, hold-back soundings of the slowly building track “Tepidarium Pompeii”, my personal highlight of the album.
The most surprising thing of it all is that the music is offered as a free download to the public.

Mr Fabók shows a real talent, so I sure hope we will hear more from him soon.

Website: tangram.hu/


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