Telomere – The Stellar Sea

Telomere - The Stellar Sea

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Telomere – The Stellar Sea
CD, Evenfall, 2007

Six years after his second release, Christopher MacDonald aka Telomere presents us his long awaited album “The Stellar Sea”.

Like the previous recordings, it is merely composed with the Serge Modular synthesizer (which many in the genre know so well through the music of Michael Stearns and Kevin Braheny), although Christopher also tastefully used the Roland Jupiter 4 and 8 as well as the Oberheim OB-8 on a few tracks.

The music of “The Stellar Sea” is a perfect companion for a journey through the depths of space, one of elegance and lots of atmosphere.
The outcome on the 55 minutes of music, spread out over eight uninterrupted tracks, is well balanced and executed.

They form a very nice blanket of lush, bright sounding free floating cosmic textures with some occasional fx’s which matches well with the great cosmic footage in the booklet.

The 11-minute “Orion’s Field” deserves an extra mention with its beautiful, warm sounding and swirling soundscapes which pull the listener towards an other dimension, while the textures of “Through the Gate” tap into heavenly atmospheres.

“The Far Shore” is a perfect ending of this engaging sonic trip of soft soaring soundscapes of stellar beauty.

I’m sure space music fans will absolutely embrace this well produced and highly cinematic release.
Very well done, Christopher!


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