Temps Perdu? – Earth Story

Temps Perdu? - Earth Story

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Temps Perdu? – Earth Story
CD, Amplexus, 2000

According to the electro-organic outcome of their previous albums “Athanor” and “Terra Incognita”, depicting the mysterious, the remote, the fascinating (and the even surreal) impact of desert ambiences has become the trademark of French/German duo Dirk and Catherine Ledit-Grützmann, aka Temps Perdu?.

The tribal-infused music on “Earth Story” (clocking at exactly 64 minutes) presents a further extension of these, pairing daring electronics with samples, world percussion, flutes and some sequencing. Electronics and acoustic instruments are actually treated with effects and looping devices while most rhythms sounds are sequencer-triggered drum samples. The use of reverbs and digital echoes add space and visual power to these sonic impressions.

An echo of Suspended Memories is already reflected on the intense and dynamic tracks “Woven Spirit” and “The Patterned Flow” that fire-off the album. Here, the surreal as well as the abstract/experimental is never far, confirming the duos goal to strive for a proper balance between pure beauty and thrilling counterpoints in their music. Despite a groovy current, “Spiral” enters Steve Roach’s spherical, introspective-oriented and smooth evolving sound worlds.

As such, “Earth Story” makes a thrilling as imaginative ride for the experienced ambient listener, not afraid of a bit of sonic adventurism.

Website: tempsperdu.bandcamp.com

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