Temps Perdu? – Terra Incognita

Temps Perdu? - Terra Incognita

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Temps Perdu? – Terra Incognita

“Terra Incognita” is the second ambient album by Temps Perdu?, aka French/German duo Dirk and Catherine Ledit-Grützmann. The music is highly inspired by extensive travels around the globe, bringing elements from various cultures and traditions together.

The instrumental outcome is an exotic, atmospheric and highly organic ambient soundtrack with strong tribal sensibilities alike some of the works Steve Roach had been working on in that period. (Roach also produced and mixed one track on the album, the beautiful “Sonoran Night”) There’s the same kind of the primordial and mystery found in the dark-shaded instrumental pieces, airing a strong of the surreal and otherworld through its veins.

Overall, “Terra Incognita” doesn’t make an easy nor accessible listen, but will be rewarding when adventurous tribal ambiences with a shamanistic edge are your cup of tea.

Website: tempsperdu.bandcamp.com

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