Terra Ambient – The Darker Space

Terra Ambient - The Darker Space

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Terra Ambient – The Darker Space
CD-R, Space, 2002

Well, ambient space-music can count another pioneer to their community: Jeff Kowal alias Terra Ambient is a good friend of reviewer & Ambient Visions-contributor Jim Brenholts, who hereby present a strong debut with “The Darker Space”.

The intriguing sound worlds, as inspired by fellow-musicians like Roach, Pearce etc. contain a good portion of high-tech as can be clearly heard in the first two tracks. Fast tribal-ambient rhythms layered in the background blend with spacy, almost shadowed synthwashes, spreading out its beauty in all its wideness.

The floating and warm sounding track “The Glass House” is my personal favourite as it is able to gently carry the listener away into a relaxed state of mind. The midsection of this remarkable album is overall more peaceful but never annoying in any sense, leaning closely towards space/ambient in its best tradition.

“Under Dirt X” features some sample-techniques who run very close to what Saul Stokes achieves while fabricating his more industrial kindred music. The closing title track is the only one delving into deeper, darker territory in addition to all the aforementioned music.

The wonderful, intimate mastering of Robert Rich really make this disc stand out as such. Recommended!

Website: ambientelectronic.bandcamp.com

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