Terra Ambient – The Gate

Terra Ambient - The Gate

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Terra Ambient – The Gate
CD, Lotuspike, 2004

“The Gate” is the second cd of Jeff Kowal aka Terra Ambient, which took him over two years to complete. In the meanwhile Jeff also established the brand new label LotusPike with two companions, on which “The Gate” is the first release.

Well, the new album is a welcome and strong one, as it offers a 50-minute mystical journey into ethno-ambient territory. While all hand forged loops take the background on all seven tracks, the main course is filled with a variety of tribal percussion and strong, rich sounding flute.

The overall organic content is attractive and accessible. Musically it moves somewhere between Robert Rich (especially “Majoun” leans towards “Rainforest”) and the mystifying sound sculptures Steve Roach has visited the last decade or so.
A strong effort by all means.

Website: ambientelectronic.bandcamp.com

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