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Terra Ambient - Wanderlust


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Terra Ambient – Wanderlust
CD, Lotuspike, 2009

After a hiatus of five years, Jeff Kowal, aka Terra Ambient, returns with “Wanderlust”, described by Jeff as an emotional sketchbook of some major changes in my life.

In more than one way, the music on it has something of a grand design, featuring some sort of soundtrack with both expansive as miniature sound excursions. The music, which has a great entrance with the powerful “Myth”, is given all the space to slowly build into subtlety (“Visionquest”) or expansiveness.
It also sees a return to the use of synthesizers and sophisticated electronics, next to a wide range of treated sounds from electric and acoustic guitars, drums and percussion and flutes.

The outcome is a varied tapestry of ethno-tribal, strong organic flavoured music, gritty elements and fluid, transparent, overall textural synth pads next to deep bass grooves.
The use of flutes and, frame drums and ethnic sequencing made me vaguely think of Robert Rich (“Mudfoot”), although Solitaire and Steve Roach also came to mind. Between all this, the airy, dreamy and deep immersive impact of the title track creates a expansive, reflective space of its own.
Especially the subtle, multi-layered sound textures give this music a great sense of density and depth, which must have been quite a job to accomplish.

It all makes “Wanderlust” an absolute joy to listen to.
All in all, well done, Mr Kowal!

Website: ambientelectronic.bandcamp.com

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