Tetsu Inoue & Carlos Vivanco – Zenith

Tetsu Inoue & Carlos Vivanco - Zenith


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Tetsu Inoue & Carlos Vivanco – Zenith
CD, Fax , 1994

The four subtle, minimalist, overtly mellow electro tracks (ranging between 11 and 19 minutes) making up Inoue’s and Vivanco’s “Zenith” evokes a kind of time machine-like feel.

Cyclic sequencer patterns are surrounded by haunting, yet otherworldly textural atmospherics with a mesmerizing hypnotic current running through. The fluid airiness is set in motion in a most gentle manner on “Electro Dreams” with a steady pulse beat, followed by the serene textural ambiences and subtle groove of “Plexus Solaris”. It’s a fine entrance for “Aura”, the 19-minute album closer, that features an emotive, meditative drone tapestry of deep environmental ambient soundscapes morphing into total immersion.

The album has recently been re-released as part of Psychonavigation Records Ambient Lives Series.



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