The Amaranth Signal – Penumbra

The Amaranth Signal - Penumbra

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The Amaranth Signal – Penumbra
CD-R, Private Release, 2004

Although I’m quite familiar with bands and musicians who operate in the ambient-space genre, I hadn’t heard of The Amaranth Signal. The band hails from Tennessee and consists of Mark Mahoney, Roger Hausmann and Michael D. Peck.

“Penumbra” is their second album, containing five tracks (in all 50 minutes). I invested quite some time to get into the music, but must confess their music doesn’t hold a lot of atmosphere I’m specifically looking for in this style.

Although things are rather afloat, they weren’t able to transport me into higher spheres nor did I noticed a gateway to step into deep space territory. To my taste there’s too much lingering of sounds as the music continues to hold up a typical overall improvised feeling without making a point.

No, in spite of their best intentions these outer space excursions didn’t give me the sought-after “kick inside”.



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