The Black Dog – Music for Real Airports

The Black Dog - Music for Real Airports


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The Black Dog – Music for Real Airports
CD, Soma Recordings Limited, 2010

The title of this release immediately makes you think of the fine “Ambient #1” album Brian Eno once made. This is something really different though, as the band described the album “a contemporary reply to Brian Eno’s work from the 70s”. The UK trio Ken Downie and the brothers Martin and Richard Dust have given their own tense and bittersweet turn to the concept by ways of this very nice multimedia art project.

“Music for Real Airports” is the outcome of the many hours the members had to spend on airports while being on tour, on which occasions they made many field recordings which all ended up in this highly atmospheric setting with hyper-modern and profound minimal vibes.

The many real world samples and the strong ebb and flow construction embedded in this recording give the outcome an in-depth hypnotic and imaginative feel with an occasional otherworldly touch.
The sense of melancholia runs as an undercurrent through the whole recording, while even some frantic robotic escapades come to the surface (“Strip Light Hate”, “Future Delay Thinking”) next to some beautiful massive dronescapes featured on “Sleep Deprivation 1 & 2”.

The spacious and excellent produced “Music for Real Airports”, great when experienced with headphones, is real world ambient music incorporating a pleasant kind of tension and dynamics, preventing it becoming anyway smooth.
Most certainly recommended.



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