The Cosmic Arc – Feed your Head

The Cosmic Arc - Feed your Head

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The Cosmic Arc – Feed your Head
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

“Feed your Head” is an electronic krautrock release by Munich-based German composer Tibor Fredmann, who goes by the name The Cosmic Arc. The trippy outcome is a peculiar melange of cosmic and psychedelic space music inspired by the pioneers of German electronic music, applying a kaleidoscope of vocal pads, guitars lines, sax (an instrument I absolutely hate) and classic electronic pads.

What follows is a weird and quite enervating sonic ride, not for the faint of heart. Imagine Kraftwerk-like robotic stylings, pulsating prog-rock elements and break-beat rhythms along slight ambient and jazzy passages and a not to be missed avant-garde and groovy undercurrents. This multi-faced sonic extravaganza fires off in various forms and intensities, making a restless, thunderous but also quite inconsistent impression to my ears.

Keep in mind as well its sound spectrum is also rather compressed, harsh and also quite thin, with a clinical current running through the layers. I for one love the softer, more harmonic approach at times featured “Achtung Baustelle”.

Although this nervous music is not the least my cup of tea, those who have a knack for psychedelic, edgy-cornered and rather freaky stuff should consider giving “Feed you Head” a try.



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