The Elf Machine & Vir Unis – Tokyo Highway

The Elf Machine & Vir Unis - Tokyo Highway

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The Elf Machine & Vir Unis – Tokyo Highway

Here’s a work that has affinity with the fractal groove releases of Steve Roach, Vir Unis and the collaborative works they did together. “Tokyo Highway” incorporates “fractal” computer-generated beats, oriental/tribal percussion and high-tech electronics without much melody.

The 44-minute/six-track release offers a myriad of clean, groovy, pulse and minimal-oriented sonic exercises with an edge, together evoking a futuristic mood and feel. Contrary to that, a mellow- introspective sphere is painted by “Metasystems Transition” and the ethereal/melancholic “Passing through the Macroscope”. All in all it’s an interesting blend of active ambient and reflective soundscapes.


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