The Gateless Gate – Near North

The Gateless Gate - Near North

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The Gateless Gate – Near North
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

The sonic travelogue “Near North” is a 70-minute release by Ontario-based composers Allister Thompson and Teri-Lynn Janveau. The goal of the narrative music is to sonically express the beauty of the wilderness, people and fauna found in Central and Northern Ontario, Canada.

Don’t judge the album only by the sedate, melancholic waves making up opener “Ode to Joy J” (which sounds quite reminiscent of Eno’s intrinsic ambient) as the 12 moody tracks features elements of ambient-folk and an edge of shoegaze (“Our Forest Walk”) and psychedelic instrumental music. Along a range of environmental and nature sound snippets, an emotive red line is always present in the dreamy, minimal-shaped, but also quite shadowy-flavored and at times even hypnotizing realms. The slumbering sense of melancholia running underneath it all, and especially surfacing on the intimate “For Avril”, lends it a special edge of romance and intimacy.

Most of all, “Near North” Most” (an invitation to submerge into calming natural spheres and its rays of splendor) demands closer and focused listening.


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