The Gateless Gate – Sibir

The Gateless Gate - Sibir

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The Gateless Gate – Sibir
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Offshoot/Psychonavigation , 2014

Here’s another album by the Canadian duo Allister Thompson and Teri-Lynn Janveau commited to cold weather environments, this time on the wild land- and seascapes of Siberia.

While the cover art of the 60-minute “Sibir” strongly resembles those of the Glacial Movements label and its sonic content also sketches out vast, desolate spaces, the textural travelogue with nice environmental bits and pieces turns out far less dark drone-based. Especially “Winter in Yakutia” and “The Sea of Okhotsk” feature an uplifting, almost airborne feel with an occasional slightly foreboding undercurrent passing by. To be appreciated best, these rather challenging minimal-ambient soundscapes breathing the cold demand close and focused listening.

Purchasers of the download version of “Sibir” can get three bonus tracks (exploring industrial, human landscapes in the same area) on a “name your price” basis that didn’t fit on the physical release.


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